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VisualCMP’s main feature is the ability to change your page layout, modify/add content, etc. in just a few clicks.

Let’s start with some of the basics.

The main page elements you can use to group content are:

1. Section - This basic HTML container often contains other elements. This section can contain just about everything, even other sections.

2. Row - The row element provides you with additional layout features.

3. Carousel - The carousel is a type of slider that contains various elements, i.e. sections, rows inside it, text, etc.

Let’s explore how to use these features. Open your front page and drag your cursor over some of the elements.

You will find a lot of controls here, such as:

1. “Save changes” button - When you make changes to your page, you should save them by clicking this button. If you make changes and reload the page before saving them, you will lose all your hard work.

2. “Add new element” - This is the most commonly used button. It allows you to add new elements to your page.

3. “Edit” - This button lets you open the settings form to change various element properties, add CSS classes and set CSS styles.

4. “Clone” - This button lets you clone the current element.

5. “Delete” - This button deletes the current element. Be careful when using this button as you cannot undo your changes.

6. “Save” - This button lets you save the current element as a template so you can reuse it later.