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Setting up email

One of important site’s feature is an ability to send email on some user flow/action etc.

Let’s figure out how to configure it.

Go to the admin panel -> configuration -> SMTP Authentication Support

A first we’ll need to add a SMTP provider


  1. It is a simply provider name, you may call it by username used, or like “Gmail”, etc.

  2. SMTP server - should be a valid server hostname. Some of email providers (Gmail for example) usually have SMTP disabled by default, so you’ll need to enable it manually in your account settings.

  3. This field is optional, fill it only if you’re sure it’s correct.

  4. Another important option, depends on your mail provider. By default it is “25”

  5. Usually it’s SSL, depend on your email provider too

  6. Username usually should look like [email protected]

  7. Password, pay attention on uppercase, lowercase and special symbols.

Submit this form.

Now, when you’re done, let’s try to send a test email.

Type your email address and save configuration.

If everything is OK - you’ll receive an email.

That’s it.