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Now let’s discover one more nice SEO feature like Intelligence.

Intelligence - is a module, which allows us to analyze content, look through lot’s of reports etc.

To get it work you’ll need to configure Google Analytics and Google Analytics Reporting API first (described above).

Now let’s look through an Intelligence report example.

Like the rest of reports, you can find it by url admin/reports, then choose an Intelligence.



Here you’ll see a couple of tabs. By default dashboard is displayed.

Dashboard has 3 sections:

  1. Traffic section contains an info about keywords and referrers you’ve received a visitor

  2. This section displays Conversation related information

  3. Content & engagement section displays content quantity diagram

Of course, you have an opportunity to access this information through Google Analytics, but this is a simplified report which displays only important and relevant information and you don’t have to be logged in your Google Analytics account.

Let’s continue to the Scorecard tab.



On this tab you’re able to track a page views dynamic, most visited urls and it’s precise quantity, keywords, referrers etc.

Webmasters usually care this information to choose the way of content to write and improve the positions in search engines by some specific keyword.