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Content is crucial to any website. Our next step is to create service articles. Service articles are used to show the services you offer and the locations you service. It also allows you to group finished projects based on location.

Let’s try creating a couple.

To begin with, you need to create the service you offer.

Go to your admin panel, then structure, then taxonomy and then services offered.


Here you can see the list of existing services. You can also modify existing services or create a new one.

After creating the services page, you can create a service article. Once you have the service offered updated, you can add a city serviced. Go to the admin panel, then structure, then taxonomy and then cities serviced. Let’s try adding a new one in.

Fill in a City name based on the cities that you service and the description field. Then go to location:

Start typing the city name in your search field and choose the one needed from autocomplete.The location will be geocoded so you can see it on the map.

When you are done, you can add a service article using the new service offered in conjunction with the city serviced.

Go to admin, select content, then add content. Choose “Service article” as your content type.

If everything is added properly, you will see your new service and city displayed on your services page under the menu our work locations.

It’s as simple as that.