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Now let’s talk about webforms.

So, what are webforms?

Webforms is a drupal module, which helps us to create a custom forms and manage results.

Let’s try to create one.

Go to Admin panel -> Content -> Add Content

Select a Webform content type, fill in it’s title and save.

Now, let’s add some fields.

Fill in a field name and select a type, then click “Add button”.

You will be redirected to field settings page, feel free to use every setting you want.

Save the field and the whole webform.

Now let’s make a webform available as block to be able to paste it to the place we need.

At first click a “Form settings” button.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here open a fieldset “Advanced setting” and enable “Available as block” checkbox.

Now save the configuration.

That’s it.